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With the Master in the School of Tested Faith by Susan J. Heck

"Susan Heck launches her With the Master Ladies Bible Study Series with her first book, With the Master in the School of Tested Faith, a study on the Epistle of James including a study guide. With the Master in the School of Tested Faith isn’t for the faint-hearted who want their emotions tickled with sappy illustrations, but for thinking women who want to square off with the curriculum of real life in the school of Christ." 374 pages - retail price of $25.99 we are asking only $20.00 (paperback) |  Now available on DVD – 24 DVD’s for $230.00 or $10.00 each

Putting-Off Life Dominating Sins -Focus Publishing; 32 pages; $3.00. This booklet deals with the seven most common sins we commit, along with the seven Biblical motivations for putting off sin, and seven practical tips for putting off sin. 

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With the Master On Our Knees
A Call to Scripture Memory booklet is available!!!! for $3.00


Perhaps you are wondering why there needs to be another book by another woman author. Honestly, don’t these women have anything else better to do with their time than to write emotionally charged books for women?” Well, hold on there “Podner” (an Okie saying). This is not another emotionally charged, felt-needs book written by a woman.

Several years ago after my conversion, the Lord placed within me a deep hunger for the Word of God. My desire was to understand the Word more thoroughly. My husband encouraged me to begin memorizing the Word of God, chapter by chapter, book by book. The Lord used that in my life to whet my appetite to know and to understand what I was memorizing. I began to study the Bible for myself and that led to a deep desire to pass on to other women what I was learning. Writing Ladies Bible Studies, along with homework, and teaching the women in my church, then became my spiritual mission.

A few years ago, a friend of mine suggested I have my material published. I really didn’t give a lot of thought to it, but decided to mention it to an author friend of mine, Martha Peace. After reading the study, she encouraged me to indeed pursue publication of what the Lord had taught me. Thus began an adventure, which now has culminated in the book you hold in your hand.

It is my deepest desire to equip women to be women of The Word. To be women who will not be led away by the false teachers of our day, but women who are discerning and able to study and apply truth for themselves.

My Bible Studies are not the typical “warm fuzzy” material, but are written to reveal the truth of God's Word as it is written. I have endeavored to be true expositionally, and have studied hard to be accurate to the Word’s original meaning. Many of my observations and principles are born from my own love of the Word of God.

With The Master In the School Of Tested Faith will be the first of what I hope to be a series entitled With The Master. Future studies that are to come, the Lord willing, are, With The Master in the Upper Room (John 13-17); With The Master In The Fiery Furnace (1 Peter); With The Master on Our Knees (Prayers of the Bible), With The Master Before the Mirror (1 John), With the Master is Fullness of Joy (Colossian), and With the Master and Nothing Else (Philippians).

Won’t you join me on the exciting journey With The Master? Oh come on, go ahead and buy the book. I promise you it won’t be another book by another emotionally charged author!

With the Master in the School of Tested Faith is an excellent verse-by-verse Bible study tool. Susan Heck’s study of the Epistle of James is refreshingly solid and thought provoking. - Martha Peace, Author of The Excellent Wife
Susan writes with clarity, insight, warmth, and wit. It’s great to see material for women’s Bible studies that is so content-rich and doctrinally sound. - Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace to You Radio Ministry with John MacArthur, Jr.
It brings me great joy to see my friend, Susan Heck, used by God to minister to women. She has been a blessing to me and I’m sure will be a blessing to her readers. - Elizabeth George, Author and Speaker

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